Reiki Team

Source Connection is so pleased to have Reiki Master Peg Connery-Boyd to the studio, she has been part of the team since 2017 and you can read a little bit about her below.  To self-schedule, you can go to the the scheduling tab which will allow you to see her upcoming availability which includes nights and Saturday openings.

Peg grew up in a big Irish Catholic family in western Massachusetts and went to the College of the Holy Cross, graduating in 1984. She is a mom of three sons and has been married to her husband Jim, a scientist, for the last 28 years. Before becoming a Reiki practitioner, Peg worked in the telecommunications and publishing industries. She was a lifelong New England resident until relocating to beautiful Arizona in 2016.

Peg discovered the restorative power of energy healing work through her personal health crisis that occurred shortly after the birth of her third son in 1998. As a working mom trying to “do it all” without taking care of herself, she began to experience serious health problems. She was losing hope that she would ever be well again when a neighbor suggested that she visit an alternative healing specialist who had helped her while she was undergoing chemotherapy. This kind and gifted healer changed Peg’s life. Through energy treatments, she was able to calm down, experience peace, and breathe again. She began to carve out time for self-care, yoga, and meditation. “Now I look back on this time in my life, and I’m grateful that I got so sick, because it changed my life, and I am a different person now.” After her own experience, Peg felt called to energy work and became certified to practice Reiki in 2011 through the Brito Center in Mystic, Ct. She has also continued study through the Healing Touch Organization and Hospice of Southeastern CT. Peg desires to be of service to others and to help them find their path to inner wellness and peace.

Announcing Distant Reiki by Peg!

Distant Reiki Services

For those who are far away, or just can't physically make it to the studio in Tempe, distance Reiki is one way to send them the same love, light, and energy that one receives in person.

To prepare for the session, Peg will request that you email a photo and the name of the person to receive Reiki. You may also send a specific focus or intention for the session although, it is not necessary and the person receiving will be sent healing to be used for their highest good.

With the photo and any additional information provided, Peg will begin by briefly meditating. Calling upon the Universal Light to send Reiki energy to the receiver, the session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

While sending Reiki, Peg will visualize the person as if they were on the Reiki table, focusing from head to toe paying particular attention to any area of the body mentioned at the time of scheduling. Ultimately allowing the energy to be guided and flow where ever it may be needed.

At the conclusion of the session, a confirmation and a brief description of what Peg sensed will be shared in an email.

You may purchase and schedule these sessions through the scheduling page.